Or, A Venture in Delusion

Is it possible for one person, with limited programming skills, limited newspaper skills, and well, just limited, to create a pop culture "newspaper" that will surpass the Naples Daily News in Florida to rank as one of the top 100 newspapers in America by circulation in a very short period of time? Probably not! But with a little help from my friends--old and new--just maybe!

To do so we'll need to create a compelling publication that, well, at least 70,056 people will sign up for (according to the my internet search, Naples, 99th on the list, has a circulation of 70,055). And why do I say "we?" Because in addition to being readers, I'm hoping that you'll be contributors as well. I'm looking for columnists, cartoonists, crossword creators, graphic designers, copyeditors, and poets. Think of weekly columns. Or daily. Love literature? Write about it! Love movies? Write reviews. Love sports? Write about sports! Want to create an advice column? Advise on! Visit our Contribute Page for specific requests for certain sections and submission information. Remember, this is a ground up creation, so let your imagination run wild. Oh, and I plan on paying for content. For now it's 10-cents a word (not bad!). Hopefully more in the future when we get advertisers on board.

Speaking of advertisers, if you are interested in running an ad in 15 minutes, or work at an ad agency and have a client who might, please visit our Advertising Page for details and contact information.

I don't have a lot to start with content wise, but each day (Mon-Fri), I'll post a new edition PDF for download. At first it'll be small in size and amount of content--indeed, the whole first issue consists of one Mark Twain quote--but I hope it'll grow in time. To get your daily copy--for free!--you'll need to click the subcribe button below. Each daily email will have a little amount of text with a link to that day's PDF. All I ask is for your email, zip code, and country (other fields would be nice but are optional). And of course you can unsubscribe at any time. To see what you're getting into, you can peruse some samples below for visit our Crusty Archives Page .

Thanks, and enjoy!


Below are some samples. To get the daily edition (and access to our full archive), please subscribe above!

ISSUE 83: There She Is! 15.09.17

ISSUE 81: Beauty and the Beast! 15.09.15

ISSUE 68: My Life Savings! 15.08.26

ISSUE 65: Scheep and wolues! 15.08.21

ISSUE 63: It's all downhill from here! 15.08.19